Marketing Strategy

“People buy from people they like.”

Our marketing goal is to keep the firm top-of-mind among our target audiences and maintain positive word-of-mouth.

Expose potential clients to WHO we are:

  • Continually share candid photos of our day-to-day. 
  • Highlight and spotlight our entire team
  • Post about our experiences beyond the office.
  • Show authenticity
  • These don’t have to be fancy, just real.
  • Social Media (Facebook) posting should be a reflection of our culture and our personalities in addition to sharing what we do and how we do it. 

Internal Marketing; The In-Office client experience:

  • Give-Aways that are used publically like water bottles, mugs, pens, etc.
  • Contests and prizes that are fun and relevant
  • Events
  • Newsletters that call our client base to action in unique ways.

A Dominant Community Presence:

  • Visibility at community events.
  • Relationship management among business leaders and influencers
  • Keeping charitable efforts in the spotlight
  • Exposing Non-traditional advertising opportunities like sponsoring local sports teams or scouting troops.

A Robust Cyber-Footprint:

  • Qualifying and growth of positive reviews. This is critical for SEO, Social Proof, and word-of-mouth.  Recommend BirdEye as a great facilitator of review generation.
  • Continuously provide Social Proof
  • Steady, far-reaching, and engaging social media posts that are relevant and sharable. Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms largely govern this. We will simultaneously drive reach while being fluid in our approach.    
  • Social Media (Facebook) is a by-product of what we are doing elsewhere. It’s the vehicle through which to trumpet the above (The WHO, the client experience, community efforts, reviews…) along with the WHAT and HOW. 
  • Projecting our brand voice and culture across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Maintaining organic viability for search engines by managing our presence on Google, Bing, Law Sites, Yelp, etc.